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Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 02:37:02 MST

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<< Might not need that. Ever wonder if the Executive Office has ever used
 Delta Force to take down a loose nuke in private hands? I sure have. >>

"used" as in 'past tense', I suspect no, for this reason: the PR Payoff would
be sweet, indeed, for whatever president successfully disarmed Auric
Goldfinger's plan to radiate and disperse all the gold in Ft Knox-for

Could a delta force destroy a nanotech center, or a bio-projects factory? Of
course. But there would likely be redundancies, such as other plants built
underground, hidden,etc. This would depend on the investment cost of such
operations, If its in the billions, that would be it, if on a a couple
hundred mil-could on redundancy.

For a weak example of this, please consider Saddam's governance of Iraq,
where the fellow is likely building nukes or rad weapons or bio weapons and
there is no political will to disarm him. This seems to be true because the
'cost' in doing so would produce massive 'collateral damage' in the case of
Iraqi civilians. Now what if you are Bill Joy and you believe that you must
disarm Saddam's 'nano-plants' at all costs? My guess is adios Iraq. In the
case of Saddam, I personally doubt if I would disagree in this case.

If you have any rumors regarding Deltas disarming nukes, do pass the word
though, for this would be something that would fit into Joy's misguided

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