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Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 18:54:55 MST

Ben Houston wrote:

> - or after the epidemic did each new isolated indecent
> become newsworthy.

Thats what I am, Ben, an isolated indecent. {8^D

Sorry, that typo was too funny to not point out. But
speaking of isolated indecents, our old pal Bill Joy is
at it again. he had a page and a half story in the San
Jose Merc today, reiterating and expanding on stuff
he said in the Wired article.

This time he went ahead and said that if a child is
dying with a genetic disease, it is better to let that
child perish than risk humanity's future by manipulating
the genes.

He stated further that freedom of speech in some
cases should be restricted. Quotes from the merc:

  Perhaps science should stop manipulating genes, he
  suggested, even if new gene therapies might save a
  child from incurable cancer.

  "No, we dont have t fix it," said Joy.

  He's said it before, he continued, and "people have
  left the room" over his suggestion "that I could imagine
  letting someone suffer to protect the group."

{Elsewhere in the article}:

  "I think it is no exaggeration to say we are on the
  cusp of the further perfection of extreme evil."

{Perhaps he was referring to the release of windoze 2000?

  "Zalman said, 'Maybe we should declare that nanotechnology
  isn't kosher, and maybe the pope should declare it a mortal
  sin," Joy said, "I said, 'Thats an interesting perspective. Most
  of the people in my company dont think that way.'"

{Imagine that. Perhaps we should declare the pope a mortal
sin. Elsewhere}:

  "...most controversially, set limits on free speech to stop the
  spread of dangerous technological knowledge. Not all information,
  not all computer coding, should be shared with just anyone anymore,
  he said."

OK, Bill Joy takes on the first amendment. Clearly if the Ludites
are given enough rope, they will hang themselves. spike

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