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Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 23:34:22 MST

> The article in question is at:
> Here it is in full:
> Guiding Science
> Technologist Bill Joy leads a debate over how far we should go with new
> machines
> Mercury News

Rather than emailing the complete text of newspaper articles, as
is the common practice, I encourage everybody to
email URLs and brief excerpts instead.
This helps the authors and furthers extropy by sending a message to the
publisher via their hit counter to run more articles of that kind.
When somebody emails a copy of an article, by copying and pasting, the
publisher knows the article has been accessed just that one time.
But if we email the link, instead, then everybody who goes to the site to
read the article counts as a hit on the publisher's site, which,
wanting lots of hits, publishers interpret to mean "if I run
more stories like this, I will get more hits, so I should run
more stories like this." Good for the publisher, good for us,
good for the extropic evolution of life.


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--J. R.

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