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Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 23:20:40 MST

> Judge for yourself:
> jm

According to the article, " ...Joy had put one of the great questions of
the age right out there in the open: In the face of technologies that
might kill us, are we willing to curtail the rights of the individual to
protect society?"

What if curtailing the rights of induhviduals kills us?
I've heard that several millions were killed as a result of curtailment of
induhvidual rights about half a century ago. What kind of technology can
protect the society of extropian and transhuman advocates from true
believers? In the face of alarmists that might kill us for our
technologies, are we willing to let freedom reign so that synthetic
sentience may prove its worth...

The article quotes Joy again: ...he said that not knowing everything there
is to know ``may have group benefit as well.''

This persuades me that Bill Joy has flipped out.

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--J. R.

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