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> Question, please Greg Burch. I havent been in a court trial in...
> well, ever, but they used to make a witness put her hand on
> a bible and swear to tell the truth so help her god.

Not anymore. I've had to testify in a few trials and depositions, and I
probably make an affidavit a week. All you have to do is "swear", which I'm
pretty good at, anyway
 -- so says my wife.

The court reporter "swears in" the witness at the beginning every deposition.
 The proceedings usually begin when the lawyer taking the deposition
instructs the reporter to "swear in" or just "swear" the witness. I probably
take an average of three depositions a month and sometimes a lot more thann
that. My standing joke is to turn to the court reporter and say, "Ok, you
can go ahead and swear at the witness. Most of my regular reporters are so
used to it they don't even show they've noticed, but it does freak out the
witness a little.

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