Re: Sushi! (was Re: Extro conference anon survey (was re: anybody out there?))

Date: Sat Feb 17 2001 - 15:16:37 MST

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<< Delicious, very much yes, healthy, somewhat doubtful, especially in regions
 removed from shorelines. You should also check out the raised incidence of
 gastric cancer in Nippon, possibly attributable to misled parasites. They
 don't survive for long since in the wrong host, but apparently they do
 to create some havoc in the process. >>
One consideration might be, are these Japanese males, also smokers? There
might be some connection with the raw fish taking a longer time digesting,
while also holding tobacco resins in the digestive tract. This is merely a
guess, since the victims of this malady might exclusively, Japanese

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