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From: Neal Blaikie (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 12:21:54 MST wrote:

> wrote:
> > Just a rhetorical question for you. I have been trying to figure out why
> > communist and such attempt to treat capitalists with such disdain when they
> > have never been able to show even one success after all these years? Just
> > curious.
> Capitalism has not been successful either. There are no capitalist
> countries in the world. All so-called capitalist countries are actually
> mixed systems which override the market with government regulation
> and control.
> Neither capitalism nor communism appears to be consistent with human
> nature as it exists today. Communism fails due to the human tendency to
> be lazy and to get as much as possible with as little work as possible.
> Capitalism fails due to the human tendency to be envious and to be
> intolerant of great differences in wealth and power. These personality
> traits evolved during our millions of years in small bands of hunter-
> gatherers.
> So let me ask your rhetorical question back at you. Why do capitalists
> and such attempt to treat communists with such disdain "when they
> have never been able to show even one success after all these years?"
> Just curious.

An excellent analysis, Hal. As to your question, perhaps it's because of the human
tendency to turn what should be a methodology into an ideology, and then rigidly
clinging to it. This can lead to the unhealthy practice of condemning anyone who
thinks differently. Both communists and capitalists have engaged in this pointless
activity (as well as many other groups).

Oh, and can we change the name of this thread? I'm beginning to feel
self-conscious. :-)


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