Re: Hyperbole and Stereotyping For Humor

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 18:47:39 MST

> J Corbally wrote:
> > Oh, and no one responded to my Neutron joke. I'm a two-bit comedian,
> > and I demand an audience, damnit!!:)

But we thought that neutron riff was off color. Just yesterday,
the standard model for any such humor has been called into
question. When I saw who it was from I simply said, Oh, its
J. psi. He gets a charge outta this kinda thing.

If I hadron nickel for each pun that surely will follow, I'd be uncon-
CERNed about my financial future. I said to Max: well,
now a punfest about particle physics! I will be curie-
ous to see if this will get nasty or will remain a pauli-
te exchange. Why would such a nice guy kirchoff such an
unadvisable contest? Thats all I rayleigh want to know.

I do hope the phyicists onlist cut us some SLAC. I'd ruther ford
a rapid stream than read the bad jokes that are coming.
We can be sure that there will be posted a new ton
of gags. It could be quite a bohr. That J Corbally is a feyn
man, but hes gone too far this time.

{8^D spike

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