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Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 16:44:15 MST

Just found this article;,,256-72761,00.html

While much of it is about various issues other than Extropian/>Human
interests, he really hits the nail on the head about half way down. eg;

>But speaker after speaker on Monday cautioned that this branch of medical
>research was going "too far, too fast", straying from what Lord Habgood
>called "its original moral justification". For whom does medicine go too fast?

>However wrong it may seem to some, genetic therapy will soon become a
>matter of lifstyle choice. One day identical twins will be created, and be
>seen as no different from natural ones (which are clones). People will
>store their eggs, their sperm, their brain cells. They will want new
>organs, transplanted or cloned. And there will always be money in it.
>Much medicine is distasteful, as much medicine is misguided. But I cannot
>see any "slippery slope", except towards the cure of disease and the
>improvement of the human condition.

For what's a generally conservative newspaper, I'm pretty impressed with
this Simon Jenkins.



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