Re: Pies in the face (was Re: PDAs are searchable was Re: blah blah blah)

From: Charlie Stross (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 05:30:07 MST

On Thu, Feb 08, 2001 at 06:30:20PM -0000, Robert Coyote wrote:
> Why not just urinate on someone, what the harm in that?
The general taboo on elimination products in western society mean
that most people have an inordinate fear of urine. So you can expect
a threat-reaction.

Again: the idea of sticking a cream pie in someone's face is to
make *them* look silly, or demonstrate that they've got no self-
control by provoking an over-reaction.

Doing something (a jar of warm urine? spitting?) that the audience
(who are the people you're trying to influence!) interpret as an attack
undermines the whole purpose of the pie-in-the-face.

-- Charlie

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