Re: META: Quote lengths?

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 13:08:52 MST

> Amara Graps writes:
> > It seems that 1/2 of my daily Extropians digest is quotes
> > attributed by others. Is it really necessary?

> denis bider wrote:
> I would prefer to let people quote as much as they like to; it's much easier
> to read randomly selected messages that way.

I disagree. Generous pruning makes a message much easier for
the time challenged such as, well, pretty much all of us.

> Also, I think that forcing
> people to abide by some not-that-easily-enforcable quoting rule

Shes not forcing, she asking politely. Im asking too. Politely.
You are among friends here.

> "You shall not quote ze hole message! If you quote ze
> hole message, you vill be shot!"... :-) ]

There was no expressed or implied threat. Long quoters,
please give us a collective break. Long quoting also
junks up the archives and dilutes messages, making it
ever harder to find specific passages. Take it as a complement
denis, we are more interested in what *you* have to say than
rereading what someone else has already said. {8-] spike

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