Re: META: Quote lengths?

From: John Clark (
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 13:11:38 MST

 Amara Graps <> Wrote:

> It seems that 1/2 of my daily Extropians digest is quotes attributed by
> others. Is it really necessary?

I think it's more than half, and of course it's not necessary! I've been
complaining about it for years but it will never change, some people just
don't care if they bore other people. Do what I do, if you seen nothing but
quotes of quotes on the first screen don't scroll to find original material
just hit your friendly delete button, it makes life much easier. Somebody
who consistently demonstrates an inability to edit out things that are not
essential is not worth reading anyway. The man who invented the reply
button should be boiled in oil, if you want to quote somebody you should
have to type it all in by hand.

                John K Clark

PS: I have no doubt that if anyone responds to this message they will
quote every damn word I wrote, probably my quote from Amara too.

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