Re: Biofeedback

From: John McCulloch (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 09:51:50 MST

> I don't know anything abou the BrainMaster biofeedback
> system. You probably should state what form of "biofeedback" you
> are seeking. One could interpret many things (such as lucid dreaming
> eyemasks) as "biofeedback".
> Amara

The BrainMaster is a brainwave monitor that connects to your personal
computer. It sounds similar to the system you used for rehabilitation. The
system reads from electrodes placed on the scalp. It lets you display
waveform characteristics on the PC monitor. You can also set it up to
respond to your brainwaves by creating displays, sounds or other effects.

I want to know if this thing works before I build one, as I'd like to use
the system to train myself to consciously control my level and type of
brainwave activity. Some reading and study is required for safe and
effective use. This endeavour is consistent with extropian principle #2,
self-transformation, namely "biological and neurological augmentation".

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