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Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 05:50:32 MST

From: John McCulloch (
>Does anyone here have experience with the BrainMaster biofeedback system
>( or can someone recommend a good biofeedback system for
>self improvement?

Biofeedback is the most effective method I know to learn to 'let go'
of muscles that a person is holding rigid. It made a large difference
in my recovery from an RSI (the fact that I'm typing at a computer today
is proof.)

However, I question whether one can self-administer... In my experience
the placement of the sensors by the technician on the body was rather
precise, and it took time for the patient (e.g. me) to learn how to
understand the readout from the computer monitor, so that I could
start (re)training my body to move differently.

I used the following service 7 years ago, and I recommend them highly.

Biofeedback Associates of California (CA):
       Dennis Ettare, Director
       2211 Moorpark Ave. Ste 210, San Jose, CA 95128

(I don't know if this info is current, however.)

I don't know anything abou the BrainMaster biofeedback
system. You probably should state what form of "biofeedback" you
are seeking. One could interpret many things (such as lucid dreaming
eyemasks) as "biofeedback".


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