Re: COMM/MEDIA/FUN: Web Videoconferencing

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 07:58:25 MST

Oh heck, that's easy. :) "2001", the video call from the station. wrote:
>(Re another thread here recently, Anthea's first
> word's when she looked at the screen and dug how cool it was? "A bushbaby" .
> . . extra points to identify the obscure reference.)
> The software/web connection we've been using is the iVisit system. This
> requires download of a tiny little client-side program, but has a slick
> 1-to-1 and multi-lateral audio+video+text interface. I think it would be
> great if more of us were to get wired like this.
> If there's interest, perhaps we could organize some online audio-video
> extropian get-togethers. I'm game!

I've had a Logitech cam for over a year and still have never done a
vidcall with it. Let's.

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