COMM/MEDIA/FUN: Web Videoconferencing

Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 05:07:50 MST

At the suggestion of a friend I recently set up my computer for web
videoconferencing and have been having a lot of fun finally having the
"videophone" Walt Disney promised me 40 years ago (only 30 years late). Last
night my wife and I visited with a couple we're very close to who live
thousands of miles away. (Re another thread here recently, Anthea's first
word's when she looked at the screen and dug how cool it was? "A bushbaby" .
. . extra points to identify the obscure reference.)

The software/web connection we've been using is the iVisit system. This
requires download of a tiny little client-side program, but has a slick
1-to-1 and multi-lateral audio+video+text interface. I think it would be
great if more of us were to get wired like this.

If there's interest, perhaps we could organize some online audio-video
extropian get-togethers. I'm game!

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