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Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 09:29:03 MST

If any citizen is given and is made to consume any substance against their will or
without their knowledge, then they have been poisoned.

KPJ wrote:

> It appears as if Ross A. Finlayson <> wrote:
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> |What behavior modifying chemicals do you suggest to inject into the citizens'
> |brains? Have you tried them?
> Q1. Currently, a number of behaviour changing compounds are known, from the
> indole family (LSD, psilocybin, and others), as well as various phenetyle
> amines (like DOB, 2C-B, and others). Potency of the effect depends on the
> subject. All these have a potential for reprogramming a human biocomputer,
> however. Even MDMA can be used to invoke an emotional state useful for
> metaprogramming.
> Also various mental techniques, like deep hypnosis, would seem relevant
> in reprogramming a hardened criminal into a normal human.
> Q2. Yes, I have tried a number of these substances in legal jurisdictions
> where the local authorities had not prohibited the usage at the time.
> I would also wish to add that the reprogramming entity should always consider
> the subject's metabolism, as it can have a severe impact on the metaprogramming
> functionality of a specific substance.
> I understand members of certain religious and socio-philosophical groups will
> find reprogramming of a human biocomputer (``brain-washing'') abhorrent. Some
> bad humans will probably abuse the techniques for their own purposes anyway.
> So why not use it for a good purpose as well?

There are many various behavior-modifying drugs and foods. For example, chocolate
is known to induce endorphin release.

You mention that the drugs you mention have various effects, as well, various doses
have differering effects. I'm not a pharmacologist.

The day the government requires that you get injected with its syringe while you
sign your taxes over to them, that would be a day when America was not a free
democracy, impelling revolt.


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