Re: No Federal parole

From: KPJ (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 07:00:08 MST

It appears as if Ross A. Finlayson <> wrote:
|What behavior modifying chemicals do you suggest to inject into the citizens'
|brains? Have you tried them?

Q1. Currently, a number of behaviour changing compounds are known, from the
    indole family (LSD, psilocybin, and others), as well as various phenetyle
    amines (like DOB, 2C-B, and others). Potency of the effect depends on the
    subject. All these have a potential for reprogramming a human biocomputer,
    however. Even MDMA can be used to invoke an emotional state useful for

    Also various mental techniques, like deep hypnosis, would seem relevant
    in reprogramming a hardened criminal into a normal human.

Q2. Yes, I have tried a number of these substances in legal jurisdictions
    where the local authorities had not prohibited the usage at the time.

I would also wish to add that the reprogramming entity should always consider
the subject's metabolism, as it can have a severe impact on the metaprogramming
functionality of a specific substance.

I understand members of certain religious and socio-philosophical groups will
find reprogramming of a human biocomputer (``brain-washing'') abhorrent. Some
bad humans will probably abuse the techniques for their own purposes anyway.
So why not use it for a good purpose as well?

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