Bad Dog? Bad person--was Re: selling an idea

From: John Marlow (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 23:05:51 MST

In my experience the owner (if any) of the dogs is far more to blame
than the dogs, generally speaking. Shall it be euthanasia for him?

Of course, had the woman been armed (and trained) there would be no
dilemma about the dog.

And what about euthanasia for those who do things like this?


On 29 Jan 2001, at 20:54, Spike Jones wrote:

> > John Clark wrote: first commercial break in superbowl 2006
> > and a large rather scary looking man is pointing a huge gun at the head of a
> > adorable little puppy, "If 10 million people don't log on to in the
> > next 2 hours I will kill this dog!".
> No way. He would get life without parole. Just extrapolate
> >from the current wacky trends in Taxifornia. Last week, two
> huge dogs killed a woman as she frantically struggled to unlock
> her apartment door. This week, the big debate is over what
> should be done with one of the dogs. Tragic if they should
> actually euthanize the murderous cur.
> A woman gets 5 yrs in the slammer for leaving a dog in
> a hot car. In the same state, a mother does the same to a
> 3 yr old child, cooking his brains. No legal consequences.
> Just imagine what would happen should a person attempt
> to circumcize a puppy. spike

John Marlow

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