Re: breeder reactors (was: Re: Breaking News: World is 10 deg chillier)

From: Chuck Kuecker (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 11:17:49 MST

At 11:10 AM 1/26/01 -0500, Mike Lorrey wrote:
> >
> > Hey! That's a great idea! Let's breed lots and lots of fissile plutonium
> > isotopes! We could set up another plant down the road to pump out
> > industrial quantities of Sarin gas while we're at it, but we'd make sure to
> > keep it in very safe bottles.
>Whether or not it produces plutonium isotopes depends on how it is


>I have the advantage of having taken a nuclear engineering course in
>college, as well as my father being involved in the construction of a
>breeder reactor in the 60's at Hanford. Since your cite is an anti-nuke
>website, its rather obvious what their agenda is, and where their bias
>is. Their statement here is most certainly false.

Is it possible to have a uranium breeder that does NOT produce plutonium -
or are you referring to a non-breeder reactor?

Chuck Kuecker

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