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From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 15:39:27 MST

Max M wrote:
> From:
> >Max More wrote:
> >> Sheesh, give it a break Eugene. The fact that you can't stand to see
> >> someone say *just one* positive thing about Microsoft makes it look like
> >It seems that users are rather tolerant of flaky software, system
> >crashes and loss of data, and attribute the results due to their own
> >mistakes or that it cannot be done better, obviously, because Microsoft,
> >an industry leader and standard, is unable to do better.
> I guess I will have to chip in with Eugene here. I cannot think of one
> product that I as a developer havn't seen better elsewhere. But I am forced
> to use Microsoft product due to marketing and strongarm tactics.

I use NT 4.0 and primarily Ventura from Corel. Ventura 7 was buggy, and
the publications I inherited from my predecessor were also full of
structural and layout errors that contributed to Ventura's instability.
Once I put in the work to fix the publications, and upgraded to Ventura
8, I have been extremely happy with both NT and Ventura. I run NT for
weeks at a time with no problems, and I maintain an 1800 page software
manual in Ventura with over 4000 graphics and 12,000 index entries in 39
chapters which I publish to hardcopy, PDF and HTML on a quarterly basis,
on the web and on CD-ROM. I do not get crashes from Ventura or NT. I
have experience publishing with Mac/Adobe/Quark software, and can
rightly tell elitists who think they know better that they've got their
heads rammed somewhere if they think that Mac in any way can compete in
DTP today. The closest Adobe can come is FrameMaker, which is buggy and
tech support stinks. The other applications I use primarily besides
Ventura are Corel Draw, Corel Photo-Paint, EditPlus for HTML, perl and
java coding, and Netscape. Netscape is the most unstable application,
which primarily occurs when Windows Explorer is up and running.

That being said, I just wasted my morning fixing coworkers computers
that had been hit by the 'Spirale' email/web virus (it places a large
spinning black and white spiral animation in front of everything on your
screen, then emails itself through Outlook to your buddies). The idiots.
I use netscape mail.


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