RE: The One Thing...

From: Max M (
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 13:50:32 MST


>Max More wrote:

>> Sheesh, give it a break Eugene. The fact that you can't stand to see
>> someone say *just one* positive thing about Microsoft makes it look like

>It seems that users are rather tolerant of flaky software, system
>crashes and loss of data, and attribute the results due to their own
>mistakes or that it cannot be done better, obviously, because Microsoft,
>an industry leader and standard, is unable to do better.

I guess I will have to chip in with Eugene here. I cannot think of one
product that I as a developer havn't seen better elsewhere. But I am forced
to use Microsoft product due to marketing and strongarm tactics.

Well yeah the IE browser is the best on the market, but who could say where
something like the Opera browser had been today if MS hadn't destroyed the
browser market.

I mostly do web based applications, either with relational or object
oriented Databases. Microsofts technology ASP is so bad, Especially when
using VBScript like most people do, that it's hard to believe if you have
tried other approaches.

MS' dominans do prevents the development from happening freely, thus slowing
software development considerably.

Regards Max M Rasmussen (Not More), Denmark

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