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Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 17:02:24 MST

Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 21:41:55 -0000
From: "Russell Whitaker" <>
Subject: Re: GUNS: Re: Self Defense

S>Guns isn't a left vs right issue over here .... NOBODY is asking to
S>have them become legal!

>A quick check of your personal and "" domains

Actually and ... but yes, UK Ltd., Leeds.

>indicates you're in Leeds. So, "over here" is the U.K., yes?

>Given this, then, you are either egregiously misinformed
>or deliberately misrepresenting the debate as it exists in

>I had the pleasure of meeting and making friends with some
>very politically active and publicly visible libertarian
>and pro gun rights activists during my 3 years in London,
>e.g. Chris Tame, Ian Geldard, David Botsford, Tom Burroughes,
>Brian Micklethwait, and the incredibly prolific Dr. Sean Gabb.

OK, so I was just including all the mainstream political parties,
including the Conservative right-wingers, but out of the 55 million
or so of us there are going to be a few extreme libertarians .. and you
seem to have found them!

These individuals (I have never heard of them) may be prolific, but
don't represent significant numbers I assure you. Don't be taken in
by their propaganda.

>Are you also not familiar with Guy Savage and the Shooters' Rights
>Association? He's been on TV quite a bit too.

Never heard of them. Do you have examples of a single M.P. or
person holding some actual political post who holds these views?
Sure you are going to get fringe pressure groups .. have you heard
of our Monster Raving Looney political party who put up a candidate
in every election here (and never get more than a few votes)?

S>And besides, I am above human-been politics left or right.
>Yes, sure, I believe you, Steve.

Seriously, I think the old political theories and divisions are a
nonsense, and that the post-human aesthetic does away with
such distinctions.

>Enlightened Being

>Does your enlightenment spare you the necessity of doing
>your homework? You've made a blatantly untrue, easily
>contradicted assertion that all Englishmen share your
>political views vis-a-vis victim disarmament.

Sure, generalisations are meant for effect rather than to be
taken absolutely literally ... I have no time or inclination to
personally ask each of 55 million people whether they share
the general support of the gun ban .... any exceptions are a
tiny minority however, so my general point stands.

I also realise that USA has a different culture, and gun ownership
is seen as some sort of religion or sacred freedom by some folks
there ...... and that a different accommodation may need to be made.

But any comparison of figures of number of shootings per head of
population here and in the USA will stack up favourably to the UK.

Steve Nichols
Managing Director, Multisell Ltd

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