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From: Al Billings (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 16:44:55 MST

Max wrote:

> This is what I don't understand. Why does anybody who runs a VERY
> business think that he helps the world better by taking money away from
> he's doing well and giving them away ??
> Wouldn't the money make society as a whole richer by being used in
> investments?
> To me it seems like some sort of catholic salvation. "Please burn ten
> candles mr Gates... no make that $10 Billion instead"

 Bill Gates comes from a fairly philanthropic family and, by all accounts,
believes in world health issues. Hence, he invests in a variety of health
related programs in both the third world and the first. I think the work of
his foundation towards planned parenthood and vaccination in the third world
is beyond reproach.


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