Vegetarianism? Re: CODE: Programming project required

From: Emlyn (
Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 19:07:59 MST

Has anyone noticed the similarity to vegetarianism in all this?

The ms-flunkies (including me, apparently) are the meat eaters, junk food
eaters, impure and proud.

The anti-ms camp are the vegetarians; and I've noticed from this very fun
rumble that, just like vegetarians, there is no unity in that camp.

We've got people who'll dabble in MS products, but prefer the good stuff
when they can get it (I'm a vegetarian, because I only eat fish).

There are those who use anything as long as it's on Unix, and that's that
(straight out vegos).

And the most rabid camp, who wont learn proprietary languages, wont have
ought to do with proprietary products, apparently, which rules out all of
windows, much of unix, and most of anything else. Rabid open-source fanatics
amongst them (You guessed it; the vegans).

I bet there are more categories; anyone?


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