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Date: Tue Jan 23 2001 - 14:41:55 MST

>From: "Steve Nichols" <>
>Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 11:35:53 -0500
>From: Michael Lorrey <>
>Subject: Re: GUNS: Re: Self Defense
>S> This can only be to your loss, and our, corporate European
>S> super-power gain! So carry on squabbling children!
> >Thats ok Steve. The more leftists that stay out of the US the better.
>Guns isn't a left vs right issue over here .... NOBODY is asking to
>have them become legal!


A quick check of your personal and "" domains
indicates you're in Leeds. So, "over here" is the U.K., yes?

Given this, then, you are either egregiously misinformed
or deliberately misrepresenting the debate as it exists in

I had the pleasure of meeting and making friends with some
very politically active and publicly visible libertarian
and pro gun rights activists during my 3 years in London,
e.g. Chris Tame, Ian Geldard, David Botsford, Tom Burroughes,
Brian Micklethwait, and the incredibly prolific Dr. Sean Gabb.

Sean's writings alone, dating from 1988, are worth a look:
He's gotten a _lot_ of media coverage, so I'm guessing you
don't watch TV or listen to radio. Here's a somewhat
amusing account of one of Sean's many media appearances
talking on the subject:

Read Brian Micklethwait's "Why Guns Should Not Be Illegal":

Check out also David Botsford's "The Case Against Gun Control":

Tom Burroughes, "The Joy of Shooting: Preserving Our Freedoms
By Making Regular Use of Them"; the link for this one is
down, but I'm going to contact Tom and ask him to forward me
a copy I can post offlist.

Are you also not familiar with Guy Savage and the Shooters' Rights
Association? He's been on TV quite a bit too.

> The total ban that came in after the
>Dunblane massacre was brought in by the Conservative, right
>wing government.

Scared prats, they are. The "left" has no monopoly on
idiocy and cowardice.

>And besides, I am above human-been politics left or right.

Yes, sure, I believe you, Steve.

>Enlightened Being

Does your enlightenment spare you the necessity of doing
your homework? You've made a blatantly untrue, easily
contradicted assertion that all Englishmen share your
political views vis-a-vis victim disarmament.

Anyone else interested in the libertarian movement in the
UK, check out:

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