Re: Programming project required

From: Max More (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 15:04:42 MST

>course there have been many setbacks where I and the other unwashed
>techno-hippies produced tons of kewl stuff back at the beginning of
>computer time that has been ignored by the 3-piece suit hordes and by
>the Great Traitorous Satan up in Redmond except to rip off the most
>obvious parts and greatly mangle them. But Open Source is gaining
>ground rapidly. Soon the goodness of open source and open information
>generally will topple the reactionary forces that insist on limiting the
>effectiveness of the Revolution. :-)

I don't share your intense hatred of all things Microsoft. Far from it. But
if you feel that way, I have to tell you that you really will enjoy the
movie Antitrust. Tim Robbins plays an evil CEO extremely obviously modeled
on Bill, and the heroes talk a lot about open source.


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