Re: Programming project required

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 14:27:05 MST

Emlyn wrote:
> > I got
> > into this business to change the world, not just to give this or that
> > company what some manager is asking for today. I and others like me are
> > not done yet.
> >
> > - samantha
> By the way, how's that going?

Not bad. Most of the world is utterly dependent on software now and the
world's general advancement is dependent on software advancement. Of
course there have been many setbacks where I and the other unwashed
techno-hippies produced tons of kewl stuff back at the beginning of
computer time that has been ignored by the 3-piece suit hordes and by
the Great Traitorous Satan up in Redmond except to rip off the most
obvious parts and greatly mangle them. But Open Source is gaining
ground rapidly. Soon the goodness of open source and open information
generally will topple the reactionary forces that insist on limiting the
effectiveness of the Revolution. :-)

- samantha

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