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Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 17:37:43 MST

In a message dated 1/19/01 2:08:31 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:<< So, I don't think America's aversion
against banning guns has any rational structure at all. >>

    In this country the citizenry of the country have the power and the
rights. We gave specific rights to the central government. They did not
give rights to us as is normally done in other countries.
    Almost every person on this list is immediately qualified to become the
leader of this nation. Almost all of the remainder will be found to be
disqualified only because they have not yet reached the age of qualification.
 Only a vanishing few on this list, mostly those that were born in other
countries, will be permanently disqualified.
    In other words this list is made up of the people that are the sovereigns
of this nation and the central government has only those powers that we
permit it.
    However it does not end here. In addition, one of the powers we hold to
ourselves is the power to collectively throw out the entire executive and
legislative branches of our government, if they do not please us, and install
different ones on a periodic basis. We went to great lengths to establish in
law and custom means of doing this peacefully. Further, we hold to the
civilian side of our government and through them ourselves the right to be
supreme over our military and police forces.
    It is very difficult to get used to this idea. I can't blame you if you
don't immediately grasp all of the concepts at first exposure or if on
occasion you relapse into old ways of thinking even after you do grasp the
ideas behind our thinking.
    But please understand that we shed a great deal of blood and lost many
lives establishing this government and this country on the basis we prefer
and when these arguments arise we ask ourselves one question: if we, the
sovereigns of the nation, aren't allowed to defend ourselves and our nation
then who has a better right?
    Now, if you will permit me, I basically am a lurker in my ways. I detest
the endless debates on this subject and despise being caught up in them. I
would like to drop out of the debate at this point. However if you wish to
make any comments I will read them and probably will not reply. As has been
said many times; this list is not primarily about holding gun debates.
Ron h.

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