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From: John Marlow (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 23:31:22 MST

I may regret entering this thread. The thing strikes me as
ridiculous. In self-defense, lethality is irrelevant; stopping the
aggressor is paramount. The two often have little to do with one
another. Also, it strikes me that a hyper-velocity depleted uranium
slug would be LESS lethal round-for-round at any rate because it
would tend to blow through a biological target, failing to expand,
damage a large area, impart full energy to target, STOP aggressor,
etc.--much like 9mm hardball. In short--pathetic for S-D. You have to
shoot the guy 20 times and he leaks to death an hour later--after
carving you up with a butcher knife. Plenty lethal--but not much for


On 18 Jan 2001, at 12:14, wrote:

> I've just finished re-reading (for the several-eth time) Barne's "Mother of
> Storms"
> In it there are several topics which relate to Extropianism and the
> Singularity. One in particular that I want to mention at this time is the
> "Personal Defender"
> Said item is a small handgun. It has several interesting features.
> 1. It is factory loaded.....once it's loads have been expended it is non
> reloadable....
> 2. Upon being fired it does three things....
> a. it projects an ultra velocity bullet of depleted
> uranium....supossedly "utterly lethal"
> b. it emits a radio frequency message intended to be received by the
> police..
> c. it indeliably marks it's user via dye and taggats (of some sort....the
> hypothetical "smart" variety I would assume.
> 3. It is readily available to anyone....."easily purchased by a teenager at a
> seven-eleven" .......
> This to me seem to have several advantages....all positive over the long
> run...and only minor disadvantages in the short run...
> Any comments?
> EvMick
> LittleRock , Ark.

John Marlow

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