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Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 11:49:48 MST

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> In self-defense, lethality is irrelevant; stopping the
> aggressor is paramount. The two often have little to do with one
> another. Also, it strikes me that a hyper-velocity depleted uranium
> slug would be LESS lethal round-for-round at any rate because it
> would tend to blow through a biological target, failing to expand,
> damage a large area, impart full energy to target, STOP aggressor,
> etc.--much like 9mm hardball. In short--pathetic for S-D.

Got hyper-velocity, depleted uranium is OUT for Self Defense.

So how about this......a shaped explosive charge?

No.....really.....we're talking advanced technological design right? MEMS
perhaps if not actual nanotech? So whats to prevent (other than
Murphy)......the design of a miniscule shaped explosvie charge on the tip of
the projectile such that upon contact it goes BOOM.....the boom being
directed at the bad guy.......from up close and personal...

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> The smart thing to do is sell non-reloadable magazines that
>only fit that gun, and every bullet and brass cartridge is serialized,
>where anyone can buy the gun, but an ID is required to buy ammo.

Good point.....I like that....

Other posts by other individuals have also pointed out other problems...which
may or may not be show-stoppers...

1 some bright but unethical individual being able to "hack" the system..
2 dirty cops...

just to name two.

I dunno what could be done about the cops....

However.........hacking the system might not be a show stopper.

Consider.....suppose the device (it's a little MORE than just a
gun).......were built in such a manner that any attempt to alter it rendered
it useless.....built in tamperproffing.

Also suppose that it was built using MEMS technology.......with all the
software in ROM.....I DO you go about altering the physical
components in .....say.......a Pentium III microchip? Certain things just
can't be changed without VERY special tools.......if at all. Build the whole
thing (or at least the ammo/magazine) using fab technology.....(ignoring the
economics here)..

Version 2.0

Laser Targeted Multiple Launched(say a three shot burst per trigger pull)
Mini-Scram Jets Tipped with Shaped charges...range.......closeup...say thirty
feet...this thing is ment to replace a holdout or "belly" gun..

Non -reloadable tamperproof ID'd magazines...

Practice Magazines available without extra "features"... ...for familiarity
and target practice...

Radio Snitch to the Cops upon launch of "live" well as taggat

Assuming the Cops are good guys.......

         Owners of the Personel Defender are given a training course as well
as allowed (encouraged) to attend regular practice sessions at the police
fireing range...(the policeman is your freiiiiiiiiind)..

oh well.....yeah....I'm dreaming....

ElPaso Tx..

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