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From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 16:17:21 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> From: Brian Atkins <>
> >> Something I've always thought interesting. As we advance to the
> >>all optical network, we may start with a system that basically
> >>switches individual fibers with MEMS, in effect replacing the
> >>copper with fiber creating a mostly optical circuit switched
> >>network!
> >This is already being done. Companies like Metromedia Fiber have
> >built big fiber loops in most US cities. Companies like Cogent
> >Communications are now buying this fiber and hooking up office
> >buildings to it. Their current offer is 100Mbit Net connection for
> >$1000/month. The end of the business T1 is near. These connections
> >are simply ethernet run over fiber... the lambdas may be circuit
> >switched, but below that it is all IP.
> I was talking residential.
> I have dealings with both these companies. But note these numbers
> are for business service, and in downtown urban areas too. Nobody's
> talking residential service here, and not many could afford $1000
> a month either. Not exactly "free" phone calls.

Ok then look at this:

It's an article on how fiber to the home is happening today, with a 100mbit
ethernet link into the house.

> I like competition.

Good :-)

Brian Atkins
Director, Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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