Re: Dante's riddle

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 00:04:14 MST

At 10:50 PM 9/01/01 +0100, "scerir" <> wrote:

>for verily I see, and hence narrate it,

Okay, you're a race-track broadcaster

>the stars already near to bring the time,

No, damn it, you're covering the Oscars

>from every hindrance safe, and every bar,

I'll drink to that, and so have most of the guests to judge from their smirks!

>within which a five-hundred ten and five,

But this is no time to go shopping, and you'll need more cash than that
these days, Dante, even at a five&dime

>one sent from God, shall slay the thievish woman

So... the biblical blockbuster will trounce the one about the slinky cat

>and that same giant who is sinning with her.

Well, we can all guess who *that* is, can't we, [name deleted to forestall
legal action]?

Jeez, that Dante! What a Hollywood groupie!

Damien Alighieri

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