Dante's riddle

From: scerir (scerir@libero.it)
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 14:50:01 MST

for verily I see, and hence narrate it,
the stars already near to bring the time,
from every hindrance safe, and every bar,
within which a five-hundred ten and five,
one sent from God, shall slay the thievish woman
and that same giant who is sinning with her.

ch'io veggio certamente, e per˛ il narro,
a darne tempo giÓ stelle propinque,
secure d'ogn' intoppo e d'ogne sbarro,
nel quale un cinquecento diece e cinque,
messo di Dio, anciderÓ la fuia
con quel gigante che con lei delinque.

Dante, "La Divina Commedia", Purgatorio, XXXIII, 40-45

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