I Want My Money Back

From: my inner geek (geek@ifeden.com)
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 00:36:29 MST

TO: 24-Hour Fitness Accounting Department

CC: Federal Way City Court, Watchguard Technologies, Extropians and
Cryonicists, My Mom & Dad

Subject: I want my money back

2 months ago I a 24-Hour Fitness Personal Trainer recommended some vitamin
supplements to me.

A week later I signed a CONTRACT for 18 sessions with a FITNESS TRAINER at a
cost of more than a thousand dollars.

I was unemployed and about $19,000 in debt at the time. I charged it to my
Wells-Fargo Mastercard.

Now I'm over $20,000 in debt. I wish I was better at managing money.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I didn't really make much use of the
contract, and would like the money refunded.

I've done my best to document the events surrounding my latest manic episode
and the following conflicts with authorities.

What began as a short memo evolved into a sort of narrative.

I recorded it to cdrom and have shipped copies to the concerned parties and
others who I believed would be supportive of my position.

With the US Postal Service raising postage rates again, who knows if the
cd's will ever reach their target audience?

In any case, attached this this note is the unformatted plain text from the
Letter to 24 Hour Fitness Management.

On the CD, the document is formatted in Adobe Acrobat and there's also a
version in Microsoft Word.

There are a few mistakes and some potholes and bumps in the road, and a wee
bit repetitive.

I did my best to proof it, but haven't yet checked all the facts.

There's always room for improvement.

I'll surely make more changes.

It's a work in progress.

Printed it anyway.

I'm in therapy.

Ultra cool.





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