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> JAMA 16Aug00
> [The researchers collected data from sleep studies conducted between 1985
> and 1999 on 149 healthy men aged 16 to 83.]
> Aging alters sleep and hormone levels sooner than expected:

Interesting. As Technotranscendence suggested, the sleep promoting
effects of Melatonin might be relevant for the aging or aging symptom
effects. Getting up the levels of HGH and giving the immune system a
chance to work is likely a good thing against aging symptoms at least.

It might be instructive to test the effects of different lengths of
sleep and chemical interventions to influence the amount of REM/NREM
sleep to see what happens. Sleeping a bit less each day will
definitely add a noticeable amount of extra awake life, but this may
imply there is an optimum somewhere - too much sleep, and you sleep
away your life, too little and your life gets shorter and less
efficient. Any ideas for how to measurethe effects empirically so we
can find out our ideal sleep/life schedules?

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