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In this respect, check out:

...I think I have '70s & '80s papers somewhere in my filing cabinet that
tended to show (incidentally to the research objective...) that even mild
obesity; schizophrenia; anxiety and such; disrupted slow wave sleep... and
pulsatile GH secretion.

..Also CR tend to renormalize this.


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>> JAMA 16Aug00
>> [The researchers collected data from sleep studies conducted between 1985
>> and 1999 on 149 healthy men aged 16 to 83.]
>> Aging alters sleep and hormone levels sooner than expected:
>Interesting. As Technotranscendence suggested, the sleep promoting
>effects of Melatonin might be relevant for the aging or aging symptom
>effects. Getting up the levels of HGH and giving the immune system a
>chance to work is likely a good thing against aging symptoms at least.
>It might be instructive to test the effects of different lengths of
>sleep and chemical interventions to influence the amount of REM/NREM
>sleep to see what happens. Sleeping a bit less each day will
>definitely add a noticeable amount of extra awake life, but this may
>imply there is an optimum somewhere - too much sleep, and you sleep
>away your life, too little and your life gets shorter and less
>efficient. Any ideas for how to measurethe effects empirically so we
>can find out our ideal sleep/life schedules?
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