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Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 13:01:22 MST

On the surface, I would guess that Dupage County doesn't have the problems
with classism and racism that Chicago has.

While your statistics may indeed be "interesting" - they are not "deep."
There are cruelly real problems in Chicago and in many of our cities -
warning people to stay away from the troublesome areas addresses
survivability of the individuals to whom the post is being sent, but the
deeper problems will keep growing until people/politicians show they care
about the survivability of our disenfranchised brothers and sisters.

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> Today it was reported that in the year 2000 Chicago had 627
> murders. This is down 14 from the previous year and a 30 year low.
> In the increasingly integrated North side of the city (Chicago is
> divided north, south, west, the east being lake Michigan) murders
> rose from 20 to 39.
> Tip for travelers, avoid the near south and west sides,
> statistically speaking.
> Note: There are no g** stores in Chicago and handg**s have been
> illegal since 1982.
> In adjacent DuPage county there were 0 (none, naught) murders.
> Note: In Dupage county there are numerous g** stores and handg**s
> are perfectly legal.
> The coldest recorded temperatures in Chicago were in 1985, recorded
> air temp of -27 degrees F, accompanied by a stiff breeze that day
> the wind chill was -93 degrees F.
> Enjoy these numbers and use wisely.
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