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Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 08:34:07 MST

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>I read how in the U.S. Marine Corps the drill instructors call the
>very obese recruits 'baby whales' and at the end of the 13 weeks
>these trainees have lost weight and toned up quite alot due to the
>loving attention of their instructors in making sure they get
>enough exercise and don't overeat. ;) Now, we have overweight
>yuppies paying former drill instructors good money to give them
>the sort of ferociously loving attention most nineteen year-olds
>dread. But of course it is not really the same thing.

"baby whales?" I doubt a Marine Drill Instructor was ever that

As a former Marine I can tell you how they did it back in '75. ( I
was 17) Those who were determined to be considerably overweight
were shipped off to the fatbody platoon.

They were subjected to rigorous extra workouts and a very limited

The really tough part was that these unfortunates were in limbo
during this. Their training was suspended till they came down to
appropriate weight, then they had to join an existing platoon at
the appropriate place in the training cycle. This also effected
enlistment time.

Some were in bootcamp for six months or more.....


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