Re: Surveillance

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 23:24:21 MST

Zero Powers wrote:

> Spike I'm also enjoying Brin's book. But he seems to waffle over whether he
> thinks complete transparency is a good idea, which makes me think that maybe
> I am a little bit too extremist in my own views. Oh well, wasn't there a
> thread around here lately about value of extremists? :)

Exactly! Anyone who has read my comments on openness and
infonudism over the past year knows Ive waffled more than Bill
Clinton regarding whether a transparent society is good or bad.
There will be winners and losers. One big loser I can think of
is the local porno shop owner, just struggling to make a decent
living like the rest of us, will lose the patronage of the local
ministerial trade, not to mention most of the deacons, choir, etc.
Thats just one example, but abuses are easy to imagine. My
earlier comments on the MikeTracker and the sphexcam are
two others.

Im with you, Zero, in that the tranparent society will probably
make it much harder on would-be despots, but we could lose
some freedoms to do ordinary legal naughtiness which we
might not want our spouses or coworkers to know about.
It isnt as simple as admitting to everyone all our bad habits.
Brin is right to point out that the transparent society is a mixed

Did anyone catch tonights episode of West Wing? It was
on exactly this very timely topic. spike

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