Re: Spy Planes (was Transhuman Fascists?) humor- Don't mess with Spike!

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 17:16:28 MST

john grigg wrote:
> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> I'm sure you don't, I have good anti-air defenses for flying things 15 cm in
> size. My 20 guage shotgun that is perfect for woodcock, with #9 shot, would
> take our your little spy plane at anything less than 50 yards, and with
> magnum loads I could make shots of around 75-100 yards altitude. Anything
> higher and I'd have to bring out the goose gun.... 10 guage #6 magnum
> loads.... Happy flying....
> (end)
> If you and Spike were neighbors it would be the high-tech version of the
> Hatfields and the McCoys! You would at first hear the buzzing of his r.c.
> plane but not get outside fast enough to shoot it down. Then you would stay
> outside in a lawn chair and blast the plane out of the sky. This is
> followed by you putting the r.c. plane on display in your driveway and
> denouncing Spike for his imperialist ways in front of all the neighbors.
> At this point Spike switches to a high-altitude balloon and so you bang out
> a s.a.m. in your garage! Upon shooting his craft down, Spike swears that it
> was a crashed flying saucer and that you are part of a conspiracy that
> switched the real evidence with a balloon! He writes a best-selling book
> that makes him rich and you wind up trying to fend off hordes of wierd
> people that want to break into your house to meet the alien they think you
> have locked up in the basement!
> So this proves that it just doesn't pay to mess with Spike! lol

But I get to make millions too, by jimmying up a fake alien autopsy in
my basement. I could sell slides of 'alien tissue' as part of a "Clone
Your Own Alien" home science kit, advertised on the back cover of comic
books.... I'd write a book "How to Build a Flying Saucer, and other Home
Projects, with your sawzall, ducktape, and a gluegun." and get Bob Lazar
to endorse the book as 'the real thing'....

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