Re: Spy Planes (was Transhuman Fascists?) humor- Don't mess with Spike!

From: john grigg (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 14:54:23 MST

Mike Lorrey wrote:
I'm sure you don't, I have good anti-air defenses for flying things 15 cm in
size. My 20 guage shotgun that is perfect for woodcock, with #9 shot, would
take our your little spy plane at anything less than 50 yards, and with
magnum loads I could make shots of around 75-100 yards altitude. Anything
higher and I'd have to bring out the goose gun.... 10 guage #6 magnum
loads.... Happy flying....

If you and Spike were neighbors it would be the high-tech version of the
Hatfields and the McCoys! You would at first hear the buzzing of his r.c.
plane but not get outside fast enough to shoot it down. Then you would stay
outside in a lawn chair and blast the plane out of the sky. This is
followed by you putting the r.c. plane on display in your driveway and
denouncing Spike for his imperialist ways in front of all the neighbors.

At this point Spike switches to a high-altitude balloon and so you bang out
a s.a.m. in your garage! Upon shooting his craft down, Spike swears that it
was a crashed flying saucer and that you are part of a conspiracy that
switched the real evidence with a balloon! He writes a best-selling book
that makes him rich and you wind up trying to fend off hordes of wierd
people that want to break into your house to meet the alien they think you
have locked up in the basement!

So this proves that it just doesn't pay to mess with Spike! lol

best regards,

John Grigg :)

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