Re: Alex Comfort is dead

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Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 07:53:00 MST

On Tuesday, March 28, 2000 11:07 PM Max More wrote:
> >Gerontologist Dr Comfort was a left-anarchist of distinction, a sexual
> >libertarian, a novelist and a delightful theorist on letters,
> >psychoanalysis and ethology, criminology and other topics. He just died
> >80. Damn.
> Make that Double Damn.
> Apart from liking Comfort's prolongevist views and anti-statism, I learned
> a lot from his classic "The Joy of Sex" in my teens. Another incredible
> repository of wisdom gone forever. Every time I hear of another
> intellectual influence dying, I get yet more frustrated with our culture's
> failure to make ending aging the top priority.

Triple or quadruple damn! I wasn't aware he was into prolongevity too, but
I became recently aware that he was very anti-war.

I feel the same frustration when I think of just about anyone dying -- even
of people who are already long dead, such as Evariste Galois...

Speaking of this, perhaps one could market life extension this way: "We
would have given another ten years -- of sunrises, birthdays, day's with
his/her children -- to insert-dead-person's-name-here if..."

My two cents!

Daniel Ust

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