Re: Alex Comfort is dead

From: Max More (
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 00:07:36 MST

At 04:28 PM 3/29/00 +1000, Damien wrote:
>Gerontologist Dr Comfort was a left-anarchist of distinction, a sexual
>libertarian, a novelist and a delightful theorist on letters,
>psychoanalysis and ethology, criminology and other topics. He just died at
>80. Damn.

Make that Double Damn.

Apart from liking Comfort's prolongevist views and anti-statism, I learned
a lot from his classic "The Joy of Sex" in my teens. Another incredible
repository of wisdom gone forever. Every time I hear of another
intellectual influence dying, I get yet more frustrated with our culture's
failure to make ending aging the top priority.

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