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Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 19:54:07 MST

Zero Powers wrote:
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> > > Its not as if the entire US population suddenly mutated in the last two
> >decades
> > > separate from the rest of humanity. There are significant reasons why
> >the
> >average
> > > weight and rate of obesity is so high here, and its not medical. Part of
> >its
> >the
> > > corn-fed diet, part is that Americans watch more TV than anyone else,
> >and we
> >get the
> > > least exercise.
> >
> >I am convinced that corn is very bad, and I have thrown out my pop corn
> >maker.
> Are you serious? (Sometimes irony is hard to pick up over e-mail.) If you
> are serious, what's so bad about popcorn? I eat the stuff literally every
> day.

Let me tell you a true story. When I was in the Air Force, I was first
stationed at McChord AFB outside Tacoma, WA, which is right next door to
Fort Lewis. A lot of the guys in my unit would go over to the army base
to go to the NCO club, called the Madigan Club, as they had great
dancing and music, and didn't get the Tacoma gang banger element that so
many other clubs in the area had to deal with (violence on a regular
basis). A lot of army guys I knew would go to the club with their wives,
many of whome were immigrants from Korea or the Phillipines. It was
rather sad to see these girls, who were raised on a
rice/pork/chicken/fish diet their whole lives, and were quite petite and
beautiful, plump up in mere months as they shifted their diet to the
standard american processed corn, sugar coated, diet, to become as wide
as they were tall....

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