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>Zero Powers wrote:
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> > > > Its not as if the entire US population suddenly mutated in the last
> > >decades
> > > > separate from the rest of humanity. There are significant reasons
> > >the
> > >average
> > > > weight and rate of obesity is so high here, and its not medical.
>Part of
> > >its
> > >the
> > > > corn-fed diet, part is that Americans watch more TV than anyone
> > >and we
> > >get the
> > > > least exercise.
> > >
> > >I am convinced that corn is very bad, and I have thrown out my pop corn
> > >maker.
> >
> > Are you serious? (Sometimes irony is hard to pick up over e-mail.) If
> > are serious, what's so bad about popcorn? I eat the stuff literally
> > day.
> >
>Let me tell you a true story. When I was in the Air Force, I was first
>stationed at McChord AFB outside Tacoma, WA, which is right next door to
>Fort Lewis. A lot of the guys in my unit would go over to the army base
>to go to the NCO club, called the Madigan Club, as they had great
>dancing and music, and didn't get the Tacoma gang banger element that so
>many other clubs in the area had to deal with (violence on a regular
>basis). A lot of army guys I knew would go to the club with their wives,
>many of whome were immigrants from Korea or the Phillipines. It was
>rather sad to see these girls, who were raised on a
>rice/pork/chicken/fish diet their whole lives, and were quite petite and
>beautiful, plump up in mere months as they shifted their diet to the
>standard american processed corn, sugar coated, diet, to become as wide
>as they were tall....

No question the typical American diet is bad. But *popcorn*?


"I like dreams of the future better than the history of the past"
--Thomas Jefferson

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