Re: Obesity (was Re: a to-do list for the next century)

From: Cynthia (
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 16:10:20 MST

> Dieting does not work, you've got to eat to lose weight, but what,
> when, and especially how much is the trick . I checked out the site
> you mentioned, yeah alot of it has to do with genetics. We
> endomorphs create more fat cells and are better at filling them,
> but until the gene engineers come along and fix that we're on our
> own.
> The trick is to stop waiting for a magic pill and get down to the
> hard work.

I am not talking about belly aching, I am talking about doing solid research.
Probably the right diet would help. The question is what is the right diet?

> Check out Roy Walfords books on eating for nutrient density
> regardless of calorie restriction.

I am following a low carb diet, which basically eliminates empty calorie foods.
This is probably similar to nutrient dense diets, since non-nutrient rich foods
are verboten in both diets. The doctors that originated it, have a theory of why
it works, and they have had success with thousands of patients. You would think
that if there was a doctor with a diet that reduces a large number of common
conditions and preserves lean body mass, that they would be able to get money
for research. But they don't. The amount of money that is being spent on
research, to answer these basic questions, is less than $1 per obese person.

Another thing we haven't bothered to spend money on is proving the existence of
the HIV virus. And if it exists, does HIV really cause AIDS?

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