Obesity (was Re: a to-do list for the next century)

From: Brian D Williams (talon57@well.com)
Date: Tue Mar 28 2000 - 14:13:01 MST

From: Cynthia <cyn386@flash.net>

>This is the kind of prejudice that has caused the problem of
>obesity to be ignored and even blamed on the victim. Obesity, is
>often age related. People who follow the same diet and exercise
>programs for years, suddenly reach a certain age, and start
>packing on weight like mad.

Only a very small minority of those who are obese are there because
of a medical condition. For most it is a matter of more calories in
than out.

And yes, as we age we require alot less in the way of food, so the
same old diet and exercise will not do. The body quickly adapts to
exercise, and is able to perform the same work expending less

The U.S. Constitution aside, we are not all created equal. I'm the
only endomorph in a family of ectomorphs. Everyone else in my
family can eat like crazy and stay thin as rails, but they have a
very difficult time adding muscle. Being a happy endomorph I have
to count my calories, but thrice weekly weightlifting sessions have
left my ectomorph brothers nearly 6" and 75 lbs behind. I've been
tossing both of them around like ragdolls since our early teens.

>And apparently, when they are encouraged to follow low fat/low
>calorie diets, their problems get worse. Anyway, for a rather
>lengthy and technical discussion of the subject, read

Dieting does not work, you've got to eat to lose weight, but what,
when, and especially how much is the trick . I checked out the site
you mentioned, yeah alot of it has to do with genetics. We
endomorphs create more fat cells and are better at filling them,
but until the gene engineers come along and fix that we're on our

The trick is to stop waiting for a magic pill and get down to the
hard work.

>Exercise is a good thing, it helps improve insulin resistance, but
>unfortunately it is not a solution.

Weight loss is 80% diet (as in eating right) and 20% exercise. The
best exercise to lose weight is the "push away" as in pushing away
from the table.

Check out Roy Walfords books on eating for nutrient density
regardless of calorie restriction.


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