Re: _Mission to Mars_

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 23:10:14 MST

Technotranscendence wrote:
> On Sunday, March 26, 2000 2:01 PM wrote:
> > > Long ago I concluded that a decent science fiction movie only gets made
> > about
> > >
> > > once a decade. Would-be claimants to this honor can keep working: The
> > > slot for this decade is still open.
> >
> > Until I saw "13th floor" I was of the opinion that no decent SF movie HAD
> > been made. 13th Floor isn't really all that good...but it's head and
> > shoulders above most other SF movies......
> I thought "eXistenZ" was better than "13th Floor," but both were more
> believable than "The Matrix." The last, however, had the best effects and
> once I got past the stupid premise, it was okay, if a little predictable.
> I'd still like to know what would've happened if he took BOTH pills.:)

And considering that The Matrix won three oscars tonite, it seems to
have won the contest of whose memes got spread best.

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