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Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 22:56:27 MST

On Sunday, March 26, 2000 2:01 PM wrote:
> > Long ago I concluded that a decent science fiction movie only gets made
> about
> >
> > once a decade. Would-be claimants to this honor can keep working: The
> > slot for this decade is still open.
> Until I saw "13th floor" I was of the opinion that no decent SF movie HAD
> been made. 13th Floor isn't really all that good...but it's head and
> shoulders above most other SF movies......

I thought "eXistenZ" was better than "13th Floor," but both were more
believable than "The Matrix." The last, however, had the best effects and
once I got past the stupid premise, it was okay, if a little predictable.
I'd still like to know what would've happened if he took BOTH pills.:)

However, none of the above would be on my list of the best science fiction
films of the past ten years. On that, I'd probably place "The Ghost in the
Shell" and "Dark City" near the top. Surely, the latter was more science
fantasy, but it was done well, both in effects and story. The former was
excellent, though the dialogue is a bit wordy and too fast. Maybe this is
part of the translation. (It's Japanese anime and instead of the usual
space opera crap, it's actually a cyberpunk cartoon with a flair for
realism.) "The Arrival" was also good, though not original. It hearkens
back to 1950s style paranoid scifi film, but it's updated very well.
"Twelve Monkeys" might also be in there, though given the time travel
premise, it's more fantasy than science to me.

I'm sure I missed others. I did see "Pi" which was a good effort, but
flawed nonetheless. It's not in my picks. See my Film/TV section at my
site for more of my tastes in this area.

Maybe we could all get together and put out a list of what our favorite
science fiction films were... Whoa! That would be a nasty thread that
would probably rise again and again, wasting bandwidth... And I'm sure it's
already been done here.:/


Daniel Ust

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